Well done Faringdon Beavers

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Well done Faringdon Beavers

15 May 2016

Congratulations to Falcon Beaver Colony, Faringdon. Who won the first ever County Shelter Box Challenge in Oxford today, for the Beaver Scout section. They also won the most challenge points too! The winning Beaver Colony, Falcons, from 1st Faringdon Scout Group, King Alfred District, pictured here with Nathalie Soanes, ACC Beaver Scouts.

Also happy birthday to Madeline! What a great birthday present!!

The rest of the Beavers  had an awesome day in Oxford on this challenge! Thank you Nathalie for organising this event for all sections and including Beavers which were new to the challenge, and to all your helpers and challenge runners!

Fantastic day, all 27 teams seemed to be having fun.