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Toilets twinned

4 April 2016

The Silver Beaver Colony from Grove Scout Group held a coffee morning on Saturday 12th March, in the Grove Scout hut. The Beavers had voted to support the charity “Toilet Twinning” before Christmas, as part of the Staged Community Impact badge and A Million Hands. They decided to have a coffee morning and sell drinks and homemade cakes, along with a Bring and Buy stall and some small table top games, including a paper aeroplane making and competition , to see who could throw the farthest , as well as beat the goalie!

This event was well attended by the Beaver Scouts, their parents, grandparents, friends, Leaders and by those supporting the football games running on the fields outside. We sold out of cakes!

The grand total rais154281431939420_Toilet_Twinning_logo_256_x_127ed at this event was £289.18 and we shall have money coming in from the little ‘wee’ boxes that were given out a few weeks previously. We will have enough now to be able to sponsor a toilet block being built at a school in a country that does not have these facilities, so we can ‘twin’ our Scout hut toilet with theirs!

Fiona Stovold, BSL said that she was delighted that the Young People had really understood what was needed in these countries, from a video that they watched. They compared it to facilities in our own country and really wanted to help those without proper toilets and sanitation. Further more they managed to enthuse their parents and families as well, so everyone was supporting them