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Gareth was a Scout at heart.  He wanted to join the Cub Scouts as soon as he was old enough to do so and he enjoyed himself all the way through.  He chose not to join Venture Scouts but to stay on with his own Scout Group as a helper.  When he was away at University he would return each summer to go to the Summer Camp.  On returning to Wantage to live he went back to First King Alfred’s Scouts as a full time helper and then moved to the newly formed Ridgeway Explorers where he was due to receive his Warrant as a leader on his return from Nepal.

Gareth was excited about his trip to Nepal.  He felt prepared; the skills and confidence he had built up over his years in Scouting were a big part if that preparation.


We would like to invite all our Scouts to take part in the ‘Gareth Koch Endeavour Shield’.


It is to be a team based event to encourage you to use the skills you have.  By working along with people you may not know you will have the opportunity to develop new skills and grow in confidence in your own ability to attempt new things and achieve your aims.


Gill Koch

Gareth’s Mum.


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