Fun and Skills at District Patrol Camp

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Fun and Skills at District Patrol Camp

16 May 2016

Scouts from all over the District got together for a Patrol camp at Youlbury over the May day weekend.

This was a chance for Scouts to camp in self-contained Patrols and meet other Scouts for a weekend of activities, learning campcraft skills, games, challenges and most importantly had FUN!

It didn’t matter if they were relatively new to camping and wanted to improve their skills, or an old hand with lots of experience, the same went for the leaders.

Scouts prepared their own menus, kit lists, etc and looked after each other for the weekend. One highlight of the weekend which was competitive, was the camp banquet. Their choice of  three course meal with all sorts of delicacies, like mackerel pate, made from scratch.

The weather was great and everyone had a fantastic time.

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